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Enterprise Support and Development Services

GeoSolutions offers enterprise support and development services to help organizations building enterprise-class Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI), integrating and tuning best-of-breed Open Source geospatial frameworks with proven robustness and reliability amongst which we mention GeoServer, the Open Source server for the management and interoperable dissemination of geospatial data according to the OGC, ISO and INSPIRE standard MapStore the innovative webmapping solution to create, save, browse and share in a simple and intuitive way mashups created using content from sources server like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest or specific servers provided by your organization or anyone else. GeoNode, the Open Source geospatial CMS which...

GeoServer Deployment Warranty

GeoServer Subscription

Thanks to our unparalleled knowledge and experience with GeoServer we are able to provide the warranty that your deployment will not break and if it does, we will fix it at no additional costs for you. This offer provides your organization with assured service continuity to protect and maximize your investment in GeoServer. What you get is as follows: Certified Deployment: we review and certify your deployment to make sure it is properly performed for achieving long term stability and performance. Assured Response Time: strict response time means that if an incident occurs we will react timely to ensure service continuity. Assured Incident...

Training in Rome

Professional Training

GeoSolutions provides professional training classes on GeoServer, MapStore, GeoNetwork and GeoNode for its customers and organizes regularly public trainings for all the interested people. You can have a look to the training material at the links below. Check our blog for the next trainings or contact us for more information about our professional training.

Enterprise Products Sample

Enterprise Solutions

GeoSolutions is well-known for providing bespoke enterprise solutions for the GeoSpatial world leveraging on the powerful functionalities provided by its Open Source products GeoServer, MapStore, GeoNetwork and GeoNode. GeoSolutions has built over the years a large number of Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) for the ingestion, management and dissemination of geospatial data. Many of our clients rely on such infrastructures for selling data and information which they produce to their clients. For some reference projects, please, refer to our portfolio. Bear in mind that additional references can be provided upon request.