MapStore is an Open Source highly modular webgis framework developed by GeoSolutions to create, manage and share securely in a simple and intuitive way maps and mashups created mixing contents served from servers like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing or from server adehering to OGC standards like WFS, CSWWMS, WMTS and TMS. It is released under the GNU GPL V 3.0 license.

MapStore is composed by various components  not all of which are mandatory and as such are optional can be removed and/or customized in ways that can be used to simplified smaller deployments as well as their management.

With this release you can also try  the new  Android MapStore Mobile version. You can get it via the GRCode below:MS_mobileQR

Here a list of features of this application:

Local Database

  • Browse the local database and add layers to the map
  • Spatial Query on the local database
  • features that intersects a Bounding box
  • features that intersects a Circle (width center coordinates and radius size)
  • features that intersects Point (with a configurable buffer)
  • features that intersects a Polygon

Styling Options for vector data


  • shape
  • fill color and opacity
  • border color and opacity


  • dashing style
  • line color and opacity


  • Border color, dashing style and Opacity
  • fill color and opacity
  • Max and Min zoom level to display the features.
  • Decimation factor

GPS Control

  • Draw my position on the map
  • Follow my position

Offline Support

  • Offline background maps based on OpenStreetMap data plus support for spatialite database

Online Maps

  • Allows to load maps and add WMS Layers from any MapStore Instance on the web.
  • Smart network usage grouping requests to the same WMS servers.
Check the the following presentation for an in-depth look at MapStore.  In addition, you can find more information at the links provided here below as well as in our portfolio.

Last but not least, this is an example of an external map mashing up well-knonw data source like OpenStreetMap with an external WMS showing cultural heritage POIs from Italian Ministry of Culture. See MapStore at work!