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Developer’s Corner: Achieving Extreme GeoServer Scalability with the new Marlin vector rasterizer

As you probably know, GeoServer is a Java based software, so its performance is heavily dependent on what the Java Virtual Machine and the Java standard library can offer. Over the years the GeoServer developers have been pushing the boundaries of what can be done by replacing portions of the Java standard libraries by adopting faster replacements, for example, the turbo jpeg encoder, the native PNG encoder available in ImageIO native extensions, or the recent adoption of the pure java, high performance PNGJ library. One of the Achilles' heel that so far we failed to replace is the anti-aliased rasterizer contained in the...


GeoSolutions Enterprise Services 2014: Here comes the GeoServer Supporter Package

The GeoSolutions  Enterprises Support Services offer the possibility for creating an Enterprise SDI based on the best Open Source frameworks as GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore. Our support services are available in different sizes because we care about who has small needs  as well as about who has to manage complex infrastructures and needs highly specialized support. Thanks to GeoSolutions it is easy to meet the Open Source world, forget about licenses and decide the budget for the features you are looking for with the support from the developers of the software you are using! We are also proud to announce a new package called GeoServer Supporter Plan which is very suitable for organizations looking...


Developer’s Corner: DXF output format promoted to official extension for GeoServer

Dear all,as you may already know, GeoServer supports a wide variety of formats as an output of the WFS OGC service, to represent vector feature data. Such formats include the OGC standard GML XML based format (in its various versions), but also more "user friendly" ones such as the shapefile format, GeoJSON, CSV and so on.Some formats that are not supported by default, but that are used by some people working in the GIS field, are CAD formats. Among them, the most used in absolute (thinking of open formats) is DXF, the standard AutoCad file interchange format.Many GIS tools, for...


Developer’s Corner: Active Directory based security in GeoServer through LDAP

Dear all,as you may already know, the GeoServer security subsystem, based on the Spring Security framework, is quite flexible and configurable to allow you to integrate GeoServer into your existing security infrastructure.For example, by default, it allows usage of the most known authentication mechanisms and sources, such as HTTP Basic Authentication, X509 certificates, J2EE container controlled security, form based security and so on.For more information on the GeoServer security subsystem you can take a look at the related documentation, here and here.Among the available authentication sources, the LDAP choice is one of the most important, because many enterprise authentication services are based on...


Developer’s Corner: Improving Printing for GeoServer – Part 2

Dear all,recently we worked on the MapFish print module used by the Geoserver Printing Module to improve it in several ways, in particular for what concerns legends printing, but not limited to that.In this post we would like to share the improvements we made, so that they can be useful to other Geoserver printing module users.Mapfish print module 2.0First of all, we did all our improvements on a 2.0.x version of the MapFish print module, while the official Geoserver Printing Module is still stuck on the 1.2 version.The good news is that the 2.0-SNAPSHOT version seems to work perfectly with the current stable release of Geoserver, and only one jar...