City of Florence GeoPortal

Project types: Application development
Customer: City of Florence

The project aims to bring together in a comprehensive and integrated manner the capability to search, visualize and download the data that the municipality of Florence has released as OpenData supporting the standards mandated by the INSPIRE directive.

During 2012 the project aimed to deploy and use the basic building blocks, GeoServer and GeoWebCache for the dissemination of  maps and vector data according to OGC WFS and WMS and WMTS procotols, GeoNetwork to disseminated Metadata according to OGC CSW protocols and ISO 19115/10139 Metadata Standards and also MapStore for the integrated visualization of data and metadata.

It is worth to mention that GeoNetwork  has been customized in order to allow us to disseminate metadata using the Italian RNDT standard as well as to integrate directly with the MapStore  front-end in order to provide search-and-view  capabilities in a single user interface.

In 2013 we are concentrating our efforts towards INSPIRE compliance as well as towards the provision of additional services also for real-time data. If time remains we will also start working towards the integration of the geospatial information we are disseminating with the semantic world to allow semantic search and geolinking.

It is worth to mention that this work was performed under the GeoSolutions Enterprise Services framework.